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You’ve heard about them on the news being in gyms, schools and other athletes all over the world. The word steroid is not so ugly when used in doctor’s office yet sometimes frowned upon when the drug is used for a weight lifter. When discussing the medication it is common that you will hear the different names of the drug, even when it contains the same base drug. When thinking of the drug in a medicinal sense that has proven clinical usage, it is easy to think of only that particular steroid when the topic is addressed.

A particular kind of steroid, Oxymethelone or Anadrol, is a special type of steroid that is used to treat many different types of anemia. This particular medication is also known as Androlic. Anemia is a blood disorder in which your body is unable to produce enough red blood cells. In some cases, people who have recently been treated with chemotherapy will have a loss of red blood cells, which is called hypoplastic anemia. Anemia is a medical condition that can be easily detected by a simple blood test ordered by your physician.

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